Greek Gaia’s Global Gate Welcomes you to a garden of dried goods.

Wealth and abundance. The natural resources that we all need to know. Greek products without any chemical treatment, ready to enrich naturally our dish.

An everyday ally for ensuring the well-being and energy our organization needs.

Αn essential hygienic habit, which should not be omitted, faithfully serves the proposed Mediterranean diet and systematically strengthens our immune system.

Dried foods are called foods that, with the drying method, most of the water they contain is lost.

This process is carried out by exposing food to the sun or to special ovens.

The 4G features Food Safety Management System ISO 22000

Company policy as well as regular checks on the implementation of predefined procedures, ensure superior product and service quality.

Welcome to 4G!

Keeping up with the evolution of our season and the changes in our eating habits, we produce the products that Greek land generously offers, following faithfully the gastronomic tradition.

4G was founded in 2015 in Mavrodendri, Kozani

It is active and pioneer in the production of dried fruits, vegetables and edible plants.

Modern facilities

Their completeness provides a perfect line for the production of fruits, vegetables, and edible fruits, covering the modern needs and demands of a significant market share.

New Recipes

Popular Recipes