GREEK STRAWBERRY: In dried form from 4G

Strawberry is an angiosperm, a dicotyledonous fruit that belongs to the Rosaceae family with about 15 species native to the northern temperate regions. It is probably of Chilean origin.
Particularly well-known in Greece is the European strawberry, which is also found naturally in hilly, wooded and semi-wooded areas. The fruit of this wild strawberry is small, extremely sweet and delicious. Modern crops have led to the creation of a large fruit variety known as Strawberry Pineapple.The fruit of the strawberry is complex and consists of a vase that has many small spores on its surface. Growing strawberries is quite easy even for the most beginners.


Strawberry contains a lot of water (about 90%), which is very beneficial for the proper functioning of our urinary system. It is rich in nutrients, such as vitamins B and C and contains significant amounts of manganese, potassium, iron and fiber while its caloric value is low. The 100 gr. strawberries have less than 30 calories.

It has antioxidant, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and cardiotonic properties, thanks to its high content of phenols (predominantly anthocyanins, which give it its red color) and vitamins A and C, while it contains lutein and zeaxanthin, substances known for their beneficial effects. vision.
Strawberries, rich in potassium and magnesium, help reduce high blood pressure caused by increased sodium intake and various other risk factors.Potassium acts as a vasodilator, which means it reduces hypertension and stiffness of arteries and blood vessels. Thus, it lowers blood pressure and facilitates blood flow.


4G is a pioneer and with production standards fully compliant with the International Standard ISO22000, ensures the excellent quality of the raw materials. Regular laboratory tests of finished products ensure the production of a range of perfectly healthy products. We faithfully serve the Mediterranean Diet standards while maintaining their absolute naturalness without the addition of chemicals or preservatives.


Now you have all the Greek nature available 12 months a year in your kitchen By keeping 100% of nutrients and vitamins. Healthy, Cleverly, Practically. Ideal for the consumer and the professional. 0% Coloring, Preservatives & Additional Sugars.


Strawberries have a rich antioxidant effect. Just think that one cup a day, which corresponds to 5-8 large strawberries, provides more vitamin C than the recommended daily dose. In addition, it is a fruit rich in pectin, which as a soluble fiber that helps lower cholesterol. Strawberries contain a lot of fiber, so they are considered primarily a food to prevent and treat constipation. Strawberries are also rich in iodine, which is very useful for the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system.


Dried strawberry are a good alternative to use in pastry making.We can store them in our kitchen’s cabinet and use them at any time. The process of hydration is not necessary. It finds application in cakes, creams and as an addition to milk or yogurt. It has rich flavor, color, and aroma.



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