GREEK PUMPKIN: In dried form from 4G

References to pumpkins date back many centuries. The name Pumpkin comes from the Greek word for “big melon”, which is “pepon”. The word “Pepon” was in French “ponpon”. And in English the “ponpon” became “Pumpion”. Shakespeare refers to the “pump” in his play “The Merry Wives of Windsor”. The American colonists changed the pump to a “pumpkin.” The “pumpkin” refers to various myths and traditions. The most famous of these fairy tales in Greece is “Cinderella”. All types of cucumber – in general – originate in America. It is reported that the various varieties of pumpkin come from northern Mexico and that 8-10000 years ago the pumpkin was used by the Andean natives. Native Americans dried out off the pumpkin strips and knitted carpets.
They also baked and ate long strips of pumpkin in the fire. The origin of the pumpkin pie comes from the colonists of America. They cut parts of the pumpkin from the top, remove the seeds, and fill the interior with spice milk and honey. They then cooked the stuffed pumpkin in hot ash. Some of the varieties of pumpkin have come to Europe in the 15th or 16th century. It is speculated that these varieties were known to Europeans by Asian growers. As a custom in the US they build characteristic lanterns on the eve of All Saints on October 31 (Halloween).


B-carotene, the richest ingredient in the yellow pumpkin, has excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. In particular, it has been found to reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease by blocking the oxidation of cholesterol in the body. Also, due to its action against free radicals, it reduces the risk of various forms of cancer, especially of bowel and lung cancer.

A recent study, published in the Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention study, examined dietary habits and the lifestyle of 60,000 adults in China, and found that those who ate rich beta-carotene foods had a lower risk of lung cancer. When smokers were evaluated, it was found that the group eating foods rich in beta-carotene had a 37% lower risk of lung cancer than smokers who did not eat such foods.
The plant fibers contained in the yellow pumpkin help to eliminate part of the cholesterol from the body, but also to treat chronic constipation, increasing bowel movement. Pumpkin consumption is particularly beneficial for those suffering from gastric problems because it reduces the acidity of stomach fluids.


4G is a pioneer and with production standards fully compliant with the International Standard ISO22000, ensures the excellent quality of the raw materials. Regular laboratory tests of finished products ensure the production of a range of perfectly healthy products. We faithfully serve the Mediterranean Diet standards while maintaining their absolute naturalness without the addition of chemicals or preservatives.


Now you have all the Greek nature available 12 months a year in your kitchen by keeping 100% of nutrients and vitamins. Healthy, Cleverly, Practically. Ideal for the consumer and the professional. 0% Coloring, Preservatives & Additional Sugars.


A super nutrition with great nutritional value. According to the Central Market and Fisheries Organization, a cup of boiled pumpkin gives 49 calories, 1.76 grams. Protein, 12 g carbohydrates (2.7 grams of fiber), 0.17 grams of fat. The minerals contained in the pumpkin are potassium, calcium, copper and phosphorus. Also, pumpkin is a very good source of vitamins, such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, folic acid, niacin, vitamin B6 and pantothenic acid. For vitamin A, 100 grams of pumpkin cover 246% of the recommended daily requirement.


Dried pumpkin in the form of a slice is a good alternative to use in our food. We can store them in our kitchen’s cabinet and use them at any time. It is not necessary to hydrate if we boil them. It finds application in soups, sweets and the classic pumpkin pie. It has rich flavor, color and aroma.



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