GREEK LEMON : In dried form from 4G

Lemon was a symbol of a social position for the ancient Roman elite, according to researchers. While citrus fruit is known in the Mediterranean regions today, citrus fruits do not originate in the Mediterranean, but in south-east Asia.
The study, conducted by researchers at Tel Aviv University, shows that the first samples of the first lemons were found on the Roman market, about the time of Jesus Christ.
Citrus, a large and fragrant fruit with thick peel, was considered a product of great value because of its healing properties, symbolic use, pleasant smell and its spread to other regions.


Lemons are acidic in taste, but they create alkaline bases in our body. In fact, it is from foods with the greatest alkaline effect, which greatly help to create a balance in situations of increasing the amount of acid in the body. With plenty of vitamin C, it is an ideal “medicine” to treat infections and other health problems, and it is also recommended to stimulate the immune system and treat dyspepsia.

In protecting the heart. The lemon juice contains potassium. Potassium is effective in reducing high blood pressure. For the return of high blood pressure to normal levels it is even more effective to combine intake of more potassium and less sodium (salt).
It has antipyretic activity and is considered one of the most effective natural antimicrobials to fight various viruses, infections and inflammations. It is no accident, the fact that older generations used it to cure insect bites, jelly fish, but also to “drop” the high fever.
Lemon is an excellent fruit that helps fight the problems associated with throat, sore throat and tonsillitis and has antibacterial activity.
Fresh lemon juice if applied to areas of toothache, can help to get rid of the pain. His massage with lemon juice for the gums can stop the bleeding of the gums.
In nose bleed if you put a small piece of cotton impregnated with a few drops of lemon into the nostril, the hemostatic action of lemon will help to stop bleeding more quickly and effectively.


4G is a pioneer and with production standards fully compliant with the International Standard ISO22000, ensures the excellent quality of the raw materials. Regular laboratory tests of finished products ensure the production of a range of perfectly healthy products. We faithfully serve the Mediterranean Diet standards while maintaining their absolute naturalness without the addition of chemicals or preservatives.


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Lemon juice contains a large amount of vitamins and mainly vitamin C. Previously lemon juice used it as anticorbot. Beyond vitamin C contains in vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, lemon is a small nutritional surprise, rich in valuable nutrients. Suffice it to say that every lemon, in addition to the important vitamins it contains, is rich in proteins, carbohydrates, potassium and inorganic salts such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, silicon, calcium and metal salts.


Dried lemons are a good alternative to use in our food. We can store them in our kitchen’s cabinet and use them at any time. It is not necessary to hydrate if we boil them. It finds application in soups, marinated fish, in the form of powder in sweets and beverages. It has rich flavor, color, and aroma.



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